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Our Services

At SIMOS, we deliver labor management solutions that help our clients stay competitive without sacrificing the quality their customer base demands. Our process is a combination of engineering, workforce management and supervision. Our engineers work directly with our clients to evaluate a specific operational process and identify areas in which costs are too high. We then create an appropriate methodology to improve upon it. To meet the changing needs of each client, we make sure our solutions are flexible and scalable.

The services we provide can be measured immediately in three crucial areas: cost, quality, and on time delivery. The SIMOS offering provides manufacturers and distribution centers with the following benefits:

    Flexible Pricing Strategies: (Fixed CPU & Hourly)
    Ability to shift supervision and key labor to higher ROI activities
    Addition of intellectual capital when YOU need it
    Robust and accountable labor strategy

The SIMOS Labor Management solution consists of the following consulting services:

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