Flexible Solutions That Enhance Output

When you work with SIMOS, you’ll receive a comprehensive and competitive strategic labor solution that can be customized to meet your business needs without sacrificing quality. It’s a combination of engineering, labor management and direct supervision designed specifically for your operation.

Our strategic labor solutions are flexible and scalable. They’re uniquely suited to meet the changing needs of your business. SIMOS engineers use a comprehensive assessment process to analyze work cells and determine areas where there are opportunities to reduce costs. Our TAG team then implements our engineered solutions with a focus on enhancing training, quality, output and efficiency.

Key Areas of Focus for All SIMOS Solutions


Cost Reduction


Increased Productivity


Improved Quality


Enhanced Safety

Ideal Work Cell Application

SIMOS uses a blend of classical engineering practices coupled with a laser-focused approach to labor management that offers a fixed-cost pricing model. Many high-touch departments and work cells can benefit from our solutions, including operations like loading, shipping, unloading, receiving, picking, packing, kitting, assembly, subassembly and reverse logistics.

After we complete an engineered assessment of your work cell(s), we partner with you to validate your processes and current costs. Then the SIMOS TAG team implements our solution at your site to ensure operational compliance while our leadership team focuses on training as well as tracking productivity, quality, safety and output.

A CPU Pricing Model for Budget Certainty & Increased Output

A key feature of our strategic labor solution is our cost-per-unit (CPU) pricing model. CPU differs greatly from traditional temporary help. Under the traditional temporary help model, businesses often experience excessive costs associated with nonproductive labor, quality concerns, training and retraining. These issues lead to a high CPU and unpredictable labor costs. With CPU pricing, you get a fixed-cost labor solution that aligns with your business objectives and provides budget certainty.

Engineering Expertise That Enhances Operational Efficiency

We use an engineered assessment process to identify specific work cells where our leadership team can provide a laser-focused approach that drives efficiencies. Our industrial engineering team’s priority is to optimize the way you use contingent labor within your operation. Our engineering team can:

Recommend improvements for the design and layout of your facility
Share best practices with teams in other locations
Assist with job aids and workflow preparation
Offer expertise in classical engineering and lean manufacturing applications

Engineered with Pump Principles

Our engineering team bases its approach on PUMP principles. This signature set of principles emphasizes pace, utilization, methods and performance.

Learn More About PUMP

A Management Partnership That Enhances Your Team’s Reach

An effective management team is essential for your success. Production and labor problems are sometimes related to management challenges within an organization. Our management team offers additional intellectual capital and expertise at your site. Our leadership teams share best practices and strategies that they utilize to identify opportunities for improvement.

The SIMOS onsite leadership team allows you to realign your own management team in order to maximize the reach of their competencies. This team is responsible for training, managing and monitoring our employees on a daily basis.

The SIMOS team uses a multitiered recruitment model and employs hiring processes that are specific to each client. Our approach is backed by technology and boosted by a compensation model that incentivizes our employees based on productivity, quality, safety and attendance.

The SIMOS onsite management team provides the following services:

  • Operational leadership
  • Onboarding and training
  • Workflow direction
  • Workforce management
  • Performance monitoring
  • Quality programs
  • Safety program implementation

Standard Operating Procedures That Ensure Success

Our TAG team, which is responsible for successful program implementations, reviews your current processes, shadows subject matter experts and validates standard operating procedures (SOPs). As a result of these efforts, SIMOS will update or create SOPs and training materials to ensure the steps of each process are being performed effectively.

Additionally, if you don’t already have SOPs that provide a blueprint for consistent workflow and documentation of quality standards, our process provides the opportunity to create and share them across your organization. SOPs also promote essential safety guidelines that keep our workforce compliant.

SIMOS is able to provide value-added services in areas of our business that are not easy for us to plan around. They are fully integrated in [our] processes, and we value their opinions.

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